Pregnant woman in a doctor's office for a prenatal check up.


Obstetrics and Gynecology Consultation

MediServe Clinic Noida offers comprehensive healthcare for women. We specialize in the problems and issues of women’s health and we evaluate and manage a wide variety of health problems and conditions.

Gynecological and obstetrical problems, minor or major, are capably handled. We offer current contraceptive options, counseling for pregnancy and infertility, gynecological and obstetrical ultrasound studies, pregnancy testing, and both perimenopausal and menopause management.

Dr. Meenu Singh specialize in complete obstetrical care. From the confirmation of your pregnancy and prenatal exams through the birth of your baby and postnatal checkups.

Ultrasound Servies

MediServe Clinic offers Ultrasound services at Noida, Crossing Republik Ghaziabad. Ultrasound is one of the most widely used diagnostic tool in modern medicine. Since ultrasound does not use ionizing radiation it poses no known harm to the body or tissues. In deed it is the only imaging modality safely used in pregnancy for more than 6 decades. Obstetric Ultrasound is a very important tool to determine and monitor the condition of a developing baby in the womb. If it is a high risk pregnancy; ultrasound is used more frequently for close monitoring. Ultrasound has solid safety records and the data collected over more than 50 years shows no harm to fetus. Sometimes a transvaginal scan is performed for the early stages of pregnancy.

Note: At MediServe Clinic Noida we DO NOT do Sex determination, it is illegal and punishable offence.


Path Lab Services

At MediServe Clinic Noida we offer Pathology Services to our patients. Pathology is an important field of medicine as it contributes to the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of patients. A pathologist uses information gathered from the microscopic examination of tissue specimens, cells, and body fluids to determine the cause of the disease. We offer all related blood test, Urine Examinations.


At MediServe Clinic Noida, Dr. Meenu Singh offers all types of Vaccinations related to Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Ante Natal Classes

MediServe Clinic Noida offers Antenatal classes that help you and your partner to prepare for labour, birth and early parenthood. Some classes focus mostly on labour and birth, while others guide you through late pregnancy, and what life with a newborn baby will be like.

It’s recommended that you go along to antenatal classes and breastfeeding workshops. It may help you have a better birth experience, as well as prepare you for coping in the early weeks after the birth. Classes tend to be small, so you and your partner can take an active part in them.