Why MediServe

“We assist and help women in keeping herself free from disease and trouble free life, through all stages of her life.

MediServe is distinguished by its unique approach of prevention. We believe in inculcation of health awareness among women. Our final motto is to help women in development of healthy lifestyle and feeling of well-being thereby improvement of self esteem”

Mission Statement

Committed to improving the overall health of our patients by providing comprehensive quality care and service in a cost-effective and compassionate manner.

Vision Statement

To become the premier regional health care provider of choice to residents of this local community.

Core Values

  • Exceptional Patient Care:We provide quality services in a caring and supportive environment.  We act with integrity and respect and a commitment to confidentiality.  We respect the well-being and dignity of each patient.
  • Dedication to Patient Safety: Follow certified standards in patient care to ensure patient safety in treatment.
  • Clinical Expertise: We practice medicine that is based on proven and known outcomes to prevent illness, restore health and relieve suffering.
  • Innovative Health Care Delivery: We organize ourselves to use our resources to treat patients efficiently and effectively.  We strive to exceed our patient’s expectations by improving access and the quality of our services.

Quality Statement

MediServe Clinic defines quality as a comprehensive look at all aspects of a patient’s experience. MediServe Clinic patients seek excellence in care, medical knowledge and experience.

Quality at MediServe Clinic involves the patient’s experience, from the first phone call to the last appointment

Quality can be measured in:

  • Outcomes achieved such as mortality rates and surgical infections
  • Compliance with evidence-based processes known to enhance care
  • Volume of patients with complex diagnoses and procedures successfully treated.
  • The safety record of the institution.

Quality and service can also be measured in other ways, such as:

  • The amount of time spent with each patient
  • Making sure each patient is treated with respect, kindness and dignity by every member of the Mayo team
  • Making sure appointments are on time
  • Ensuring all test results and other patient information are available to every doctor whenever they are needed